• ECODynamic Solutions (EDS) Inc.
  • 214 — 2459 Cousins Ave
  • Courtenay, BC V9N 3N6
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At EDS, we believe in establishing long-term, transparent, and trust-based relationships. We believe that trust is the basis of success, both internally (within our group) and externally (i.e., with clients, and with agencies alike). We also know that when and where trust erodes, is lacking, or is absent, our services cannot be delivered effectively.

In our various roles (as IEM, EM or in any other environmental management capacity), we interface with government, clients, and First Nations. We also interface with contractors. In all cases, we rely on our ability to establish trust-based relationships to ensure that projects move forward efficiently. When challenges arise (and they will), we can then rely on these relationships to work through competing interests and values, and help clients and agencies achieve their goals, while helping them meet their respective objectives along the way. Technical and compliance matters aside, we understand that good relationships are key to successful projects, and that relationships in themselves require flexibility, careful listening, and comprehension.

Over the past decade, we have established relationships of trust with many clients, within governmental organizations, with several First Nations, Crown Corporations, colleagues and peers, and with contractors. We pride ourselves in the fact that we still work today with our very first clients. One of our goals is to continue serving every single client we work with for decades to come. Our hope is that we can continue demonstrating value, continue growing and learning through our experiences, and continue being able to rely on our relationships to help promote what we do and how we do it. Our approach is simple: it is based on values and principles, and we value relationships. We will be there to respond to your needs, and to represent your interests when engaged on your projects.