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One of the keys to effective environmental management lies hidden, hidden in communication. Successful environmental monitoring, whether third party, or working directly for a developer or contractor, is in fact deeply rooted in sound communication. Environmental monitoring requires social skills, affability, and an ability to deliver a strong and firm message with respect. Of course, environmental management knowledge and experience are necessary elements, but it is more often about ‘how’ the message and service are delivered that keeps relationships healthy and a project moving forward. Our process integrates key communication protocols with contractors, developers, and agencies, all of which are significant contributing points to delivering an environmentally successful project.

Construction Environmental Management and Mitigation Planning

EDS provides construction environmental management and mitigation planning services to developers and contractors. Whether bidding a project, or looking for advice following the award of a project, our experienced environmental management team can help. Our specialized personnel can assist with impact management, mitigation planning, and compensation planning on projects of all types and sizes.

Environmental management and mitigation planning involves: 1) undertaking an in-depth review of the project design, 2) identifying and evaluating all potential activities that pose a risk to the environment, 3) reviewing the regulatory framework that guides the project development (via issued project permits and guiding laws and regulations), 4) developing specific strategies and measures to abate these risks and ensure compliance with the regulatory framework, 5) engaging Agencies to confirm expectations as needed, and 6) identifying the monitoring requirements to assure regulators that the work is done in compliances with applicable laws and regulations.

Over the past decade, we have assisted developers and contractors achieve their goals efficiently and cost effectively by preparing Environmental Management Plans (EMP), Construction Environmental Management Plans (CEMP), activity-specific Impact Mitigation Plans, activity-specific Best Management Practices (BMP), as well as Habitat Compensation Plans. We have also aided in notifying and securing permits under the BC Water Act (e.g., S8, S9), the Federal Fisheries Act (e.g., LoA, FAA), as well as obtaining fish and wildlife salvage permits.

Our environmental management support has helped mitigate construction impacts for all types projects, including (for example) large concrete pours in wetted environments, constructing small and large scale river diversions, isolating in-river work sites, developing riparian areas, installing piles in freshwater and marine environments, building boat and float-plane docks, installing road crossing structures of various types and sizes, building on-land and submarine transmission and distribution lines, repairing and upgrading hydropower facilities, and developing residential communities.