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John Hart Generating Station Replacement Project Update


The BC Hydro Community Construction Update for January 2015 on the John Hart Generating Station Replacement Project provides a brief progress report on activities at the site. The update notes that blasting has moved underground and the tunnel has been started and is currently about 10 metres in. Set up of the laydown area on the north side of the penstock with offices, shower facilities and equipment storage has been established. Soil excavation was completed on the north portal and drilling and surface blasting of rock is underway. Tree clearing on BC Hydro property off Brewster Lake Road has been completed to create space for the construction of a new bridge crossing and laydown area. Tree clearing was completed and laydown area preparation is underway off Powerhouse Road. Connection to the water main is completed for construction use purposes; and a turbine/generator contract has been signed with Alstom.

An outline for work at the site in the coming months is as follows:

    • •Mid-February: Underground blasting to begin for generating station cavern;
    • •March: Completion of construction traffic bridge over penstock corridor at Brewster Lake Road;
    • •March : Ongoing powerhouse excavation; and
    • •April: Full closure of Brewster Lake Road, construction begins on new penstock bridge crossing.


On the environmental front, a final tally of reported frog relocations for 2014 came to 69 – not including unreported frog finds that led to them being relocated to the neighbouring wetland, or the finds/relocations of other animals. Contaminated soil monitoring before, during and after tree removal at Brewster Lake Road Bridge area is being done to ensure potentially contaminated soil is managed according to regulations as required. The water treatment plant is managing incoming waters well; water is achieving and exceeding required standards; water is monitored full-time, day and night to ensure compliance. Environmental planning is well underway for the next construction steps, including the building of a cofferdam to facilitate the construction of the new water intake at the concrete John Hart spillway dam.


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