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John Hart Generating Station Replacement Project Update

The Community Construction Update for September on the John Hart Generating Station Replacement from BC Hydro notes that the construction bridge over the penstocks is now complete, enabling access to the north side of the portal.  Tree clearing around the north portal, on BC Hydro property, has been completed and overburden clearing and removal from the site is ongoing.

Additionally, digging is underway for the entrance to the south portal, with shotcrete being poured.  Further geotechnical test drilling for the underground station is underway; and new non-public parking is being created on Surge Tower Road, next to the city’s water treatment plant.

An outline for work at the site from October 2014 through January 2015 is as follows:

      • • October:  Blasting to begin on site with related truck traffic for hauling;
      • • November:  Blasting expected to move underground;
      • • October/November: New project office opened at Highway 19a and Highway 28;
      • • January: Estimated closure date for Brewster Road.


On the environmental front, this month’s update highlighted the red-legged frog.  The project team is required to undertake wildlife salvage on the day prior to work starting on certain areas of the Project.  The focus of the salvages is on specific species, of which the red-legged frog is one.  An amphibian specialist is brought in to lead the sweep for frogs and other animals.  This month two frogs were found and relocated (as were 60 mice and six bunnies).  ‘I saved a frog’ stickers are give to site crews who spot and relocate a red-legged frog or who make another contribution to environmental protection.

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