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EDS Successful in Becoming a Qualified Supplier with the EAO as Compliance and Enforcement Consultants

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Parallel to ECODynamic Solutions (EDS) Inc.’s role as Independent Environmental Monitors (IEMs) where we assist with the regulation of construction and compliance management as part of project, EDS was successful in having its proposal and its four team members put forth: Cedric B. Robert, Rider A. Petch, Isaac T. Anderton and Jason R. Lyth, accepted for the Environmenal Assesment Office’s (EAO’s) request for Qualifications for Environmental Assessment Compliance and Enforcement Consultants.

The request for Qualified Service Providers was a proactive measure to identify contractors to support the Compliance and Enforcement Program. The Compliance and Enforcement Program is a key priority for EAO. The overall goal of the EAO Compliance and Enforcement Program is for EAO to be independently and objectively confident that certificate conditions are being met.

As a qualified supplier, EDS’s qualified consultants on an “as, if and when requested” basis, may be invited to work with EAO office or compete to enter into a contract for provision of services with the agency.

To find out more about the EAO and its Compliance Program visit: http://www.eao.gov.bc.ca/compliance.html