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McLymont Creek Hydroelectric Project

The McLymont Creek Project is a 66 MW run-of-river hydroelectric project (HEP) located north of Smithers, BC, near Bob Quinn Lake. The McLymont HEP is the second largest of three projects that form part of AltaGas’s Northwestern Projects. EDS delivers the Independent Environmental Monitoring (IEM) service (ongoing) to AltaGas Renewable Energy Inc., and has been doing so since January 2011.

The McLymont Creek Project will capture the energy produced by the natural flow and elevation drop of McLymont Creek (approximately 10 km downstream of the Forrest Kerr HEP) to produce and deliver renewable electricity to the grid. The project is comprised of an intake and weir structure located approximately 5 km upstream of the McLymont Creek confluence with the Iskut River. It includes a 3 km (approx.) tunnel that will divert a portion of the water from McLymont Creek to a surface powerhouse. From there, flows will be returned to the Iskut River, approx. 1 km downstream of the confluence with McLymont Creek. Approximately 16 km of new road construction will be required to access the powerhouse site and the intake structure. A 10 km, 69 kV transmission line will be built to interconnect the McLymont Creek Project to the Forrest Kerr switchyard, to then be distributed to Bob Quinn Lake and access the grid via BC Hydro’s 287 kV Northwest Transmission Line (the NTL).