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Highway 19A Upgrades

The Governments of Canada and British Columbia have approved joint investments with the City of Campbell River (CCR) through the Infrastructure Stimulus Fund.  A total of $8,760,500 was awarded to the CCR for the South Island Highway Improvement Project – Phase 1.  The highway 19A upgrade project began at Hilchey Road and continued north for almost one kilometre (up to or past Forberg Rd.).  The funding was for the first phase of a long term project that will create a multi-modal roadway with upgrades to municipal and third party utilities.

The project consisted of widening Highway 19A from a two lane to a three lane highway with sidewalks and cycling path.  The proposed base road design was approximately 15 m wide, with an additional

7-8 m of sidewalks and cycling trail.  The proposed upgrades included the replacement of sewer, water, storm drains, the conversion of overhead utilities (hydro, telephone and cable) to underground, curbs, sidewalks, landscaping and street lighting – similar to the standard constructed through Willow Point.  The project also includes the reconstruction of a major sewage pumping station.  This upgrade will fill in an additional piece of the waterfront vision established by the community and will encourage medium-high density residential in-fill along the corridor.

EDS provided assistance with design review and optimization to minimize the impacts of the proposed upgrades.  Three independent, complimentary reports were drafted to address the requirements of both Federal regulatory jurisdictions (DFO Freshwater and Foreshore/Tidal Environments), and the BC Ministry of Environment (MOE).  The intent of these documents was to provide support information to the Section 9 Approval Application (under the BC Water Act) submitted to the Water Stewardship Division (WSD) of the MOE.  EDS also provided environmental monitoring services during the works.